About the Digi-Block Program:

The Digi-Block Program is based on the Digi-Block model of the base-10 number system. By interacting with this model in specific and graduated ways, children are able to learn place value, number sense, and arithmetic in a way that they will never forget. They are able to base their understanding of arithmetic on a concrete model, allowing them to “See the Math,” and giving them a strong foundation for higher mathematics.

About Digi-Block:

Located in Cambridge, Mass., Digi-Block, Inc., is the developer of the Digi-Block program, a unique mathematics program that enables students to develop a concrete and intuitive understanding of the base-10 number system. Digi-Block was founded in 1997 upon the inventions and ideas of Harvard Business School professor and mathematician, Elon Kohlberg. When teaching his nephew arithmetic, he realized that there was no suitable model of the base-10 number system, so he decided to make one. What began as marbles in plastic containers is now the elegant Digi-Block system. Launched in 1999, Digi-Block has evolved into an entire program for teaching number sense, place value and operations with whole numbers and decimals and has had tremendous reception in schools worldwide.

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