The Digi-Block Programs

The Digi-Block Program is a mathematics program for all students in Grades PreK – 5 and for Remediation, Intervention and Special Education students of all ages. The Digi-Block Program enables students to internalize and apply the mainline core concepts of elementary school mathematics through guided discovery. The focus of the program is on students gaining a mastery of

  • Writing and interpreting large and small numbers in the base-10 system (place value)
  • Performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations using conventional algorithms with understanding
  • Problem solving

In addition, the Digi-Block Program prepares students for:

  • Scientific notation
  • Algebraic thinking
  • Higher level mathematical thinking

All Programs

Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide

The Comprehensive Teacher Guides and instructional materials enable teachers to provide rich learning experiences, plan activities, and document students’ progress. This program includes detailed instruction of each topic followed by questions for assessing a student’s understanding at the end of each lesson.

Packed with Math

Packed with Math activity books feature 20 lessons presented in an easy-to-follow format. These lessons correlate to the activities outlined in the Comprehensive Teacher Guides and are available for grades K-1 and 2-3.

Kohlberg Digi-Block Mathematics

Digi-Block’s most comprehensive teaching guide for number sense, place value and operations. KDBM Pre-K-K is appropriate for young children first beginning with Digi-Block in either Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. It emphasizes beginning counting skills and exploring with the blocks. KDBM K – 1 is appropriate for Kindergarteners who have mastered the “numbers to 20″ skills of the Pre-K-K edition and for Grade 1 classrooms that did not begin or reach beyond the halfway point of this volume in Kindergarten. It is also worthwhile for Grade 2 and 3 students who are struggling with number concepts to learn again how to count using these lessons. For more information on this new guide, please see: Kohlberg Digi-Block Mathematics.

Build It and See!

Build It and See! activity books present 80 distinct challenges that reinforce critical learning concepts in number sense and operations. Available for grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 the Build It and See! challenges support independent discovery by engaging students in problem solving and thinking about the base-ten number system.

Also available in Spanish.

Companion to Everyday Mathematics®

This program is designed to help teachers integrate the Digi-Block manipulative system into their existing Everyday Mathematics® curriculum. Digi-Block Stickers show you the places in Everyday Mathematics® where Digi-Block can help! For each activity, the Companion outlines exactly where the blocks fit in the Everyday Mathematics® lesson, lists the Digi-Block materials needed, and provides brief explanation of how to incorporate Digi-Block into the activity. Also contains complete Digi-Block Lessons to help students become familiar with Digi-Block.

Stickers and Correlations to 2007 Everyday Mathematics®:
2007 Everyday Mathematics® Kindergarten
2007 Everyday Mathematics® Gr. 1
2007 Everyday Mathematics® Gr. 2
2007 Everyday Mathematics® Gr. 3
2007 Everyday Mathematics® 2 Correlation
2007 Everyday Mathematics® 3 Correlation

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